tested browsers


  • iPhone / iPod touch (Firmwares 1.1.2, 1.1.3 and 1.1.4)
    1. Mobile Safari
  • Leopard
    1. Safari 3.1.1
    2. Opera 9.27 and 9.5
    3. Firefox (see note 2)
    4. Firefox 3.0 (see note 5)
    5. Dashboard Web Clip (see note 3)
    6. Fluid


  • XP with Service Pack 3
    1. Safari 3.0.4 (see note 1)
    2. Safari 3.1.1
    3. Firefox
    4. Firefox 3.0 (see note 5)
    5. Opera 9.22, 9.27 and 9.5
    6. Internet Explorer 7.0.5730.13 (see note 4)


  • Fedora 8
    1. Konqueror 3.5.9-7.fc8 (volume not working)
    2. Firefox (see note 1)
    3. Opera 9.27 and 9.5


  1. Minor font issue in track list.
  2. When scrolling is turned on for long track infos, the album name gets blurred somehow. A reload fixes it.
  3. Track list and playlist selection will open in your default browser when clicked in dashboard, and the mouse wheel is inverted when adjusting volume. This is because it was not designed to run in dashboard, but to my suprise it did.
  4. The running track is not displayed in blue in the track list. AirTunes speakers get listed but aren’t selectable.
  5. Some graphics are not loaded at random. Sometimes a reload helps, sometimes not. Never use .0 versions 😉


If your OS / browser combination isn’t listed here, please add your experience in the comments. We tried to use web standards where ever possible, so chances are high your unlisted browser is going to work anyway.


4 Responses to “tested browsers”

  1. Steve Says:

    Just tested it on Firefox 3.

    The size stays to the size of the iPod Touch and iPhone (not quite sure if that’s normal) but all other features work.

  2. wifitunes admin Says:

    Thanks for testing.

    It is designed to stay the same size. This is especially usefull if you use it with Fluid, or in the Dashboard.

  3. reikomiyata Says:


  4. sal Says:

    Also works with google chrome on Windows XP sp3

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