There are some technical limitations which also affect the possibilities of wifiTunes. Here are some details.

  • The number of tracks that will be shown in the track list is limited to 500. This has two reasons. First of all, proccessing a large iTunes playlist in Apple Script just takes too long, so it would be annoying to wait for it every time. On the other hand 500 is allready too high if you try to scroll through them on your iPhone. Future releases might incorporate a track search.
  • If you use multible browsers at the same time to control iTunes via wifiTunes, the first click after using another client might have no effect. wifiTunes uses variables in it’s requests to the web server to tell the server what to do. The mobile Safari reloads the last address when it was temporary not connected as soon as it has reestablished the connection. If you last action was skipping a track, mobile Safari will again send the command to skip a track in variable while reloading the page. To prevent this behaviour, the server sends an ID back to the browser with every request. This ID has to be sent back to the server in the next request, to validate it. If the ID is wrong a new ID will be generated but nothing else happens, but the next command will succeed because now you have the correct ID. So, if you used one browser to control wifiTunes and then switch to another, you have to get a new ID before you can do anything, thats why it will look like nothing is happening on the first click. Future releases might eliminate the need for such an ID.

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