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  • …have any troubles running wifiTunes. Please try to describe your problem as precise as you can.
  • …want to get in touch with the wifiTunes team
  • …just want to say you like it. πŸ˜‰

44 Responses to “feedback / contact”

  1. mdotbb Says:

    This looks very similar to Signal by Alloysoft. I wish you two were working together instead of developing separate products, since it looks like you each have good features.

  2. wifitunes admin Says:

    Yeah we know, but we wanted to do something that is free. I wouldn’t want to spend the money Alloysoft is charging, and I dont’t think they are going GPL any time soon.

  3. mdotbb Says:

    I understand. I’ve already paid for Signal and really like it (and the developer), but it’s nice to see others working in the same space. I think I discovered wifiTunes via a macupdate feed. Any plans for TUAW or Lifehacker doing a review, or did I miss it?

  4. Tom Piotrowski Says:

    Great concept but does not work 😦 PREFERENCES ERROR message – Could Not Load wifiTunes preference pane



  5. Alan Says:

    Any reason why I shouldn’t use my local network name instead of the URL specified?
    Thanks for a great app.

  6. wifitunes admin Says:

    Thanks Alan

    You can use anything that leads to your Mac.
    It doesn’t matter if it is your IP address, your local network name, your Bonjour name or whatever.
    It only has to point your browser to your Mac.

  7. Avi Says:

    Getting ‘Unable to connect’ no matter which port and if i try name, IP or Bonjour – any ideas on where I should be looking? it doesn’t work both locally on the machine or remotely from another machine OSX 10.5.3

    Other access methods work (SSH, Remote Desktop etc.) so it is not a network connectivity issue

  8. wifitunes admin Says:

    Please check your firewall settings.
    If you only allow incoming connections for specific apps, make sure Python is allowed.
    wifiTunes is based on Python and therefore Python has to be enabled.

    You can check if your browser has a problem by enabling Web-Sharing and trying to connect to the Apache webserver..

  9. Tim Says:

    I refused to pay up for RemoteBuddy because all I wanted was this one trick (iTunes). I have only been using for a few minutes but if it continues to be as good as it appears look for a donation of a cheap bottle of wine.

    I came here to give a HeadsUp or bug report. The Preference Pane said the URL would be When my IP is, static. Using that works fine. Just an FYI.

    Thanks for the great work!

  10. Tim Says:

    A suggestion: Make the directions for volume control more explicit. I just now finally saw the “2 finger scroll direction. I had already stumbled on holding the Volume icon to get the Action “popup” label. I did see the two triangles and the right-side scale. So, I had to discover and then lucked into my almost 60 year old eyes finally working.

    Nevertheless, it’s wonderful.

  11. wifitunes admin Says:

    Thanks Tim

    We will try to improve the URL guessing in the preference pane in future releases.
    Did you see the touch interface page ?

  12. Tim Says:

    Nope. Hadn’t got that far. I usually am more thorough but got very excited with how well wifiTunes was, and is, working.

    BTW, is there an issue with your site and PayPal or have you just not gotten it setup yet?

  13. wifitunes admin Says:

    With the PayPal link, the latter is the case.

  14. Tim Says:

    Well, I’ll keep looking. I have had my iTunes running while cleaning the house for the past 3 hours (long story) and have used wifiTunes enough to know it’s going to be wonderful to have.

  15. wifitunes admin Says:

    PayPal should work now

  16. Tim Says:

    Yes, it does. Again, thanks for this nifty little solution.

  17. Jason King Says:

    I am also having problems with Safari on my iPod touch giving the error “β€˜Unable to connect’. I configured the firewall to allow all incoming connections, no change.

    “Signal” worked fine when I tried the trial version.

    Any ideas? This looks like it will be a great solution, if I can get it to work πŸ™‚

    OS X 10.5.3



  18. Jason King Says:

    Well, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and now it works, go figure.

    Looks great so far!


  19. jacobsdm Says:

    I have been trying to install the program but every time I double click the dmg I get the message the image failed to mount because it is not recognized. I have downloaded it from different sources (version tracker and here) with the same results. I am running 10.5.3 on a MacBook. Any help would be appreciated.

  20. wifitunes admin Says:

    Please make sure the filename ends with .dmg
    Some people have reported their browser changed the file extension to
    If that doesn’t help try downloading it with Safari.

  21. jacobsdm Says:

    Ok, I got it to install but now I cannot get my iPod Touch (version 1.1.4) to connect. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, checked my firewall (nothing being blocked) and I still cannot seem to connect. Thanks for any help.

  22. jacobsdm Says:

    I just restarted it again and got a new address (for the third time) and it suddenly works! So far everything is working great! Thanks.

  23. wifitunes admin Says:

    It seems the underlying function which is used to get the address is not very reliable.
    We will try to fix that in a future release.

  24. lukejs Says:

    Hey! Brilliant idea… only problem is thoughi cant bring up the page on my iPod touch… its working fine through safari on my mac, but that defeats the object! I would be really grateful for some help =)

  25. wifitunes admin Says:

    Try this:
    Enable Web-Sharing in the Sharing preference pane on your Mac, enter the address displayed there in Safari on your touch and append the port you configured in the wifiTunes preference pane after the IP address (eg.
    If this doesn’t work check your firewall settings, as mentioned in posts above.

  26. jacobsdm Says:

    Ok, I have been playing with wifiTunes for a couple of hours now and I have to say, “I LOVE THIS!!!” Right now I am on the road and it is working fabulously in my hotel room. I can’t wait ’till I get home and install this on my other macs.

    One question, is there a way to see the podcasts in order? For example, I have several episodes of several different podcasts and they are just listed in a seemingly random order. I would like to see all of the episodes from a single podcast grouped together. I guess I could just build separate playlists for them… Sorry, just thinking out loud.

    Thanks for a great product!

  27. wifitunes admin Says:

    Thanks jacobsdm

    You are right. We have overlooked that.
    Creating a playlist for the podcasts is a good idea.
    You can create a smart playlist as a workaround. Use the rule “Genere is Podcast” and set the displaying order to “Artist” in the playlist window.

  28. steffsing Says:

    How can I uninstall it?

  29. wifitunes admin Says:

    Uninstall instructions can be found on the “About” tab of the preference pane.

  30. David Says:

    Great application, I am completely loving it…

    One comment though, i was having problems with my browser not connecting either as some people have already explained above. I uninstalled it as per the directions (stop it, remove it from System Preferences by right clicking and delete the plist file in ~/Library/LaunchAgents/) and then I re-installed it but it didn’t work. The problem was/is that I installed it for all the users in my mac. Once I uninstalled it and re-installed it for only the current user it worked immediately and perfectly with the firewall in the mac and the router enabled…

    Works great, keep up the great work!

  31. wifitunes admin Says:

    Thanks David

    You can not install wifiTunes for all users, cause it has to control YOUR iTunes. That’s why it says “Install for this user only” in install and use πŸ˜‰

  32. Tim Says:

    Nice while it lasted. Am wondering what your plans are now that iPhone 2.0’s Remote app is working?

  33. wifitunes admin Says:

    wifiTunes is a web app and therefore has some potential advantages over apples Remote.
    We’ve had no chance of playing around with iPhone 2.0 apps yet, so just wait and see.

  34. Federico Says:

    I can’t get to work. On the same Mac where iTunes and wifiTunes are running the page suggested by wifiTunes is just blank. It doesn’t say “Host not found” like with every other ip/port, it’s a plain white page. I tried also to see it from another computer or at but it’s the same. I tried to reinstall more than once and restart the computer, following the instructions in this page too. The Mac OS’s built-in webserver works fine.

  35. wifitunes admin Says:

    After contacting Federico directly it turned out, that if your system uses something else than a point as decimal seperator, wifiTunes won’t work.
    If you think you have the same problem, please check your format settings in System Preferences.
    So the only thing you can do in this case is to change your language and/or region to something that uses a point as decimal seperator.
    I know this is very ugly, but at least you can try it out that way.

  36. m666 Says:

    Excellent app! Dream come true!

    Three wishes for the roadmap of wifiTunes:
    – support for 240*320 resolution screen (eg. Nevo S70 remote controller)
    – decimal separator fix to support also comma character “,” – not only point “.”
    – support for browsing albums and artists (not only playlists)

  37. JonYo Says:

    Nifty, this works great. I have my music on my G5 tower at home, and using wifiTunes and Rogue Amoeba’s NiceCast together lets me control and listen to my stuff streamed to any platform with a browser and a way to stream audio in. The important part for me about streaming the audio itself rather than streaming the data and turning it into audio at the client end is that this way I can listen to my DRM’d iTunes tracks wherever without needing to be on an “authorized” machine. It’s basically my own personal web radio station with a remote control DJ. Sooooo niiiiice!

    Minor problem: When I use it at home, and try to click the speaker on the left to access other outputs (such as my airport express connected in another room), I get a message that shows my IP address and “Not available”. Could this be because my airport express is password protected for audio use, even though my G5’s itunes has the PW in its keychain and connects without putting it in manually each time. Or is it coming on a different port than the main HTTP connection? Just guessing randomly!

    Thanks for making such a cool app and even making it freeeee, wow.

    – JonYo

  38. wifitunes admin Says:

    Thanks JonYo

    Switching the outputs is a little hack, because iTunes does not allow this to be scripted. It is done by UI scripting, which is ugly, but we tried to make it as good as possible. To make UI scripting work you have to do the following:
    – open System Preferences
    – open the Universal Access preference pane
    – check the box next to “Enable access for assistive devices”

    It should work now.
    I thought a message would pop up if this is not enabled, but I think that was just wishful thinking.
    Strangely, no one asked before.

  39. sal Says:

    The dmg will not mount on my G5. Reason is listed as not recognized. Any thoughts?

    • wifitunes admin Says:

      I have no PPC machine around, so I can’t tell what the problem is. I can only suggest to download it again, maybe using a different browser.

  40. michael Says:

    hi there

    so I finally got my apache working (leopard), and wifitunes started just fine. (tried in safari 3.2.1), however after clicking one a track i get linked to …?cmd=play… and am shown a blank white screen. when i restart wifitunes with the prefs panel and goto (which worked fine before) i only see a blank screen.
    in firefox 3.0.8 i only ever see white screens…

    all in all quite some amount of white… suggestions? (i plan on using it on my nokia 5800 , same there…)

    other than that, seems to be a really cool app….

  41. nautisch Says:

    maybe i unintentionally repost this, but anyway (so far did not appear on the commentslist…)

    starts up fine, after some clicks i only see a whitepage. (tested on 10.5.6. in firefox 3.0.8 and safari 3.2.1)
    usually happens when starting to play one track (link looks ok to me, like

    any suggestions why it sometimes works, sometimes not?

    btw another idea:
    u wrote that the limit is 500 tracks due to long loading times etc. wouldn’t it be possible to sort of make a copy of the whole itunes library and synch that to the mobile device to load the playlists etc from that “local” (referring to the mobile devices point of view) cached version and then remote-control itunes?

  42. wifitunes admin Says:

    I have tested Firefox 3.08 and Safari 3.2.1, and both seem to work fine.

    Please check if you have the decimal separator problem mentioned in earlier postings.

    Storing data on the client side is something relative new to browsers, and was not available at the time wifiTunes was written. I think mobile Safari is still the only browser supporting this at the moment.

    Anyway, wifiTunes will probably not be developed any further because of Apple’s Remote app.
    I know there are other mobile devices out there, but Android has it’s own native remote app and we are iPhone users around here.
    Apart from that, if you are not in the unfortunate situation of having the “wrong” decimal separator, it’s working quite well.

  43. nautisch Says:

    hey there

    thanx for the speed reply. It seems to work after the decimal pointer tweak.

    aynway, what i meant with the “local caching” caching was some sort of browserindependent caching, e.g. via using an mobile device webserver such as pamp and download the itunes lib to a mysql db running on the device. (that’s what i had/have in mind with my “application” which i started to develop shortly before finding wifitunes…)

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